Building a DIY sauna

Build Homemade Sauna

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Components of a homemade sauna system

If you intend to build or design your own homemade sauna at your home/residence, it is important to acquire basic knowledge about the components that make up a heat therapy system. We have listed the process and the components that you will need to get started.

Building a sauna from scratch

Building one at home requires certain level of skills in handling wood and carpentry work. A basic woodwork knowledge is required to be able to get the necessary items, wood, and pieces in place. Most DIY kits come with the instructions and plan of the design that needs to be build. Following the plan can be of great help when it comes to constructing your steam room. It is all up to the person as to what type of design he wants to chose. Constructing from scratch is different from using the pre built units that must only be assembled back. It requires more expertise to build from complete scratch. Where you are not sure about the process, it is wise to get the advice from an expert.

The points to consider before building the sauna are:

Build and Design Skills

While building one from scratch you may need some carpentry experience in undertaking such a major project. It is probably not something that you want to take on if you are not very well versed with woodwork. In such cases, where you have only basic carpentry skills or no skills, it is wise to consider hiring a contractor to build it for you. At least, may be it best to buy the prefabricated or DIY assembly kit to assemble.


You need time, and that is, more than just a weekend make a home unit from scratch. If you are looking to fabricate it faster or if you don't have at least three or four weekends to spend on the project, you might need to hire the task out to a professional.

Space and location

It can be located inside the house or outdoor. You can place it in a spare room or add a room in your house for it. While you can make it as big or small as you like, you need to have adequate space for framing and installing walls, flooring and seating, as well as space to hide equipment. If you choose to locate it outside in the back yard, then depending on the size of the cabin, you will need to have the required outdoor space.

Building codes for your location.

There are certain points you should consider relating to the space. Be sure that you know the ordinances in your area that regulate the addition of a sauna to the home. Professional installers know the codes for your location, and there may need to do some lengthy research to keep everything above board. This will help in picking up the required sauna kit and a installation, therefore you will need to pick the kit that best suits your needs. The kits usually include blueprint plans for the sauna as well as the heater and hardware needed to install it. Otherwise, you may also to purchase the equipment separately.

Pre-built units

Common pre-build units usually consist of all part and pieces that are required to assemble it into a steam room. For example the pack can include the following items:

  • The wood that is required to build it. This can be clear grade Western Red Cedar on the inside to ensure that the wood will always be comfortable to the touch
  • Benches: Solid benches secured along the longest wall.
  • Heater: Pre-built heater guard and duck-board slat flooring
  • Standard heater, controls & sauna rocks
  • Light fixture for the inside
  • Electrical wiring is hidden inside the walls
  • Door: Pre-hung door: select hinges on left side or right side as well as the window
  • Built-in air vents to ensure excellent air circulation

Advantages of homemade sauna

With any type of unit that you wish to build outdoor, there are some advantages and disadvantages. Each type of heater, whether, it is wood heater, electric heater, gas stove heater or Infrared, each of these types have their own benefits and drawbacks. More Steam Bath Benefits are listed. Overall, having an outdoor unit is an advantage in the sense that it is your own property and used by a single person or family which makes it more hygienic and safe. The risk present with otherwise multiple uses, such as contamination from others, or bacterial contamination in a common steam room is limited in a personal steam shower enclosure, as many people are not using it at the same time. Besides Sauna Weight Loss, having an outdoor unit saves time and costs in going out for it in a spa or gym.


The main disadvantage is the costs associated with the building of the unit and maintenance cost which may be high. There may be difficulties in reaching the experts to check for issues that may not be operating well. It may become a hassle to chase for repairs in case of breakdowns, which eventually becomes a nightmare for the person. The maintenance costs will usually consist of the costs of repairs, labor costs, and the costs associated with cleaning and tidying the unit.