Stoves and Heaters

Sauna wood stoves and heaters

The options are: wood burning Stoves, Gas Heaters and Electric Heating System.
sauna wood stove
Stoves and Gas/Electric Heaters

There are different types of sauna stoves and heaters. Each of them has its own unique appeal. The choice of the type of heater may depend on the geographic location, climatic and weather condition and the size of the studio. The benefits of heat therapy are that they increase the circulation of blood to the skin surface for healthy skin, they eliminate toxins through sweating and leave the person with a soothing feeling of well-being and afterwards leads to a more restful sleep. The available sauna heaters for sale are:

  • Gas Stoves.
  • Sauna Wood Stoves.
  • Modern Electric Sauna Heaters.

Gas sauna heaters

Gas Sauna Heater is an effective heating tool commonly used in saunas. It is cheaper than electrical models. One of the main advantages is that the heat in a gas heated cabin has a tendency to be more consistent and easier to control and regulate, making it user-friendlier. It is widely used for being cost effective and mainly preferred for its beneficial reasons as it offers some economic advantages over their electric counterparts. Also, there may be areas where it's difficult to access electricity, so a gas heater would then be the more practical and obvious choice
Gas based system is considered to be one of the finest in the world. It is more efficient than traditional electric models, and does not require continuous replacement of costly consumable elements. It functions well in locations where the cost of power can be high. The cost of installation is higher that other types of sauna heaters. The good thing about the Gas heaters is that they come complete with a galvanized back-panel assembly, stainless steel wall flashing and a flu-cap or draft hood.

Gas heater

Gas heater is a highly efficient and economical alternative heating tool for steam rooms and is also available with propane gas. While gas heaters and wood burning sauna stoves each have their own benefits and drawback, the electric one is the most popular type of stoves available, particularly in and around urban centers where electricity is universally utilized. Marketed on their efficiency, sleekness, safety features and wide assortment of sizes, electric heating also attract attention because, unlike the wood burning and gas varieties, electric ones don't give off any odor when they're operating. Gas sauna heaters, alike the wood burning heaters, have environmental and greater ecological impact.

Sauna wood stove

Wood burning sauna stove, also known as the heaters, come equipped along with chimney outlet and are used to burn logs of wood to create high levels of heat. They are the traditional type of sauna heaters. Many people like the wood stoves for they offer the only true and traditional experience. What makes the wooden stoves unique and special is the experience they offer to the bathers, reflecting the very traditional wood burning to distribute heat. People like the wood-burning sauna for its traditional nature. It can achieve higher temperatures. However, it requires more maintenance and cleaning. The wood fire used normally has a glass front so that you can enjoy watching the fire as well as the heat.
Wood burning stoves creates ashes, which are not the case as in electric and gas heaters. Hence, they are ideal for outdoor saunas, which offer all-natural heat therapy. People can enjoy a healthier lifestyle as the wood-burning heater does not use electricity, and also saves on costs of electricity. On the other hand, the wood-burning heater can have environmental impact, and therefore should be used under applicable environmental code.
Besides being traditional, wood-burning sauna is pleasant; it radiates the atmosphere in a very seductive way for the users can feel it that way. People can enjoy a healthier lifestyle as the wood-burning heater does not use electricity, and also saves on costs of electricity.
It can achieve higher temperatures.

Electric heaters

Electrical Systems are more modern and practical in most circumstances. Technology provides us with more innovation and advances. Electrical heating used can generate heat steam as well as provide heat using infra red (IR) technology. It depends on the user preferences when choosing which brand and model to adopt. Polar Sauna Heater is a famous brand which supplies durable products made in Finland.

  • IR is less messy and reduces the studio maintenance.
  • Heat temperature can be controlled with precision.
  • It may incur additional electricity charges.
  • Electricity is not available in all location. For example, a sauna resort located far in a secluded natural holiday spot may not have electricity facilities.