Outdoor Sauna Kits

Outdoor Personal Sauna Kits

Personal steam rooms installed at your place can provide a real break and relaxation experience. People prefer secure outdoor installations rather than indoor ones.

Outdoor Personal Sauna Kits

Outdoor sauna units must be installed by professional technicians and carpenters.

Outdoor sauna kits

Types of Outdoor Sauna Units

The outdoor units can be sweat bath saunas. The type of outdoor sauna vary in types and models. Sweat bathing room has been one of the most common and usually found in Europe, Northern Asia and Northern and Southern America. Hence the most common sweat bath outdoor saunas are

Wood Burning Sauna

The wood-burning sauna originated in Finland and is the traditional type of sauna. Wood-burning stoves are commercially available, and today’s stoves are very efficient requiring less effort in its maintenance. The amazing experience of sauna rests in giving the user a simple, natural heat experience where wood is used to heat the sauna rocks and the room. The temperature of the wood-burning sauna can be controlled, although the temperatures can reach a very high level. The stoves heater is most commonly used which constitutes bathing under the burning of woods. Hence, if desired, the user can create the needed temperature by the controlling the rate of burn in the stove.

Electrically Heated Sauna

This type of sauna has been in existence since the ancient times, dated back in the years 1950’s. The electric heater is most widely used across world. All major sauna companies have heaters available for all sizes. In the modern lifestyle and in many such installations, the only feasible heater type is quite often an electric model. This implies that its installation is quite achievable in the most simple and normal way. Most sauna studios find it more viable to adopt the electric heater as it can be easily fixed. New wall or floor-mounted electric heaters are efficient, stylish, safe, and easy to use, and offer a superb experience. They are more practical and the temperature can be controlled from a remote control, which also displays the temperature and timers. Electric heaters are less messy and do not generate as much smoke and carbon as the wood burning types.


Smoke Sauna

The smoke sauna is an outdoor type of sauna. It bears the Finnish tradition and is quite rare type as in involves a big wood-burning stove with no chimney. It is mostly for outdoor purposes. The heater consists of heating stones and rocks. The heat is generated from the rocks. The “heater” consists of massive amounts of rocks that are heated up for several hours before the bathers will be able to use it. The smoke and flames from the burning wood heat the rock mass directly, and the smoke enters the sauna room from between the rocks. After the heating phase has been completed, and the flame is out, the room is ventilated, and the sauna is ready to be used. A good smoke sauna offers a very genuine and smooth experience. However, as explained above, the procedure is time-consuming, and requires special considerations as the stones are heated first before the it is put into use.

Steam Room

The steam room is mostly seen in gym and spa studios where people can make the best use of it, following a good physical workout. It is considered as being one of the best forms of elimination of the toxins from the body and while at the same time it helps in skin cleansing. The history of the steam room was originated in Turkey and is not a sauna, but rather a Turkish-style Bath. In comparison to the traditional sauna, the maximum humidity can reach the level in a steam bath is 100%. The steam room generates hot vapor and the whole room is wet during the steaming process. The Steam Room enclosure is made of a waterproof material such as ceramic tile, glass, stone or acrylic. The room reaches maximum humidity and the temperature in a Steam Bath is much lower than in sauna (110 to 120 degrees F). The steam room can be used both as an indoor and outdoor type of sauna.

Infrared sauna room

The infrared sauna room is not the traditional Finnish sauna, and can be best defined as the “heat therapy room”. It does not use water or steam. The system of heating is different from other types of heaters. An infrared room is best used as a prior-sports muscle pre-heat means, or after the sports or exercise to relax the tension in the muscles. Several manufacturers sell infrared rooms in addition to steam rooms and traditional Finnish Saunas. Infrared heat therapy rooms are based on radiant heat, where the heating elements or emitters reflect the heat directly to the person’s body, rather than heating the air, or stones. The heat is targeted directly on the body.

The outdoor sauna kit

The kit consists of all the parts and instructions that you may need to build a sauna. The do it yourself kits provide an easy way to build a home sauna by anyone. The kit consists of the plan and the various parts that are required to erect the cabin. It generally includes the pre-built insulated walls and ceiling panels that screw together and sit on a base of your choice, yet is still portable. Prefab home kits can be disassembled and moved to another location. The kit makes the building of saunas simple, quick and easy for anyone. These home kits require no framing or general construction work. The floor that is required to build from a pre-built kit must be non-permeable. The common type of flooring is a plywood base covered with non-permeable materials, cement slab, brick, pavers, or tiles. Wood is used to make it look more comfortable and cosy. Wood is an essential material. The wood can be the Western red cedar, White Cedar, White Aspen, and Basswood. While there can be other material samples, such as, foil vapor barrier and stainless steel nails. The Western red cedar is available for wall panelling, benches, backrests and room as well as door trims. Aspen wood panelling is non-allergenic, so more people can enjoy health benefits of sauna.