Steam Shower Enclosure

Steam shower enclosure

Sauna and steam shower enclosures.
Wooden Steam shower enclosures

Steam shower and enclosures

A steam shower can be described as a small cabin or enclosure designed to contain heated water vapor that has been created by using a humidifying steam generator or heater. They originated from the history of the steam-rooms. These rooms can be traced back to the Roman times where the Romans would bathe in a sweat room called a sudatorium. Around the same era, the Turks had their Turkish bath (the hammam), while the Russians caught hold of the concept and had their own hot vapor bath called the banya. The history of the sudatorium goes back to the ancient Greeks.

Steam shower Enclosure at home

A personal steam shower enclosure can be appropriate for a small household. They are specifically designed for use in a bathroom. It is a shorter version of the sauna room. Therefore, many of them have been packed out with features that enhance the standard showering experience, turning the bathroom into a mini spa. It is a unique experience and is an adaptation to the steam room. With the evolution of technology, manufacturers integrated the room and shower into a combination unit called a steam shower, designed for use in a bathroom.

Today's showers are options one would consider to have for personal or family use. The development of technology has brought along with it different types of experiences and Steam Bath Benefits at reasonable and affordable prices. While they were not affordable due to their high cost, they are now widely available at reasonable prices. Their integration with the home bathroom will ensure the tradition of the sauna will live on for many years in the future.

Moreover, a bath session can be a social affair if the enclosure sits more than one person. The new design models combine the functionality of a standard steam room with many additional features including a shower.

Types of steam shower

There exist many different forms of shower enclosures depending on the people’s taste and choices. These may include the following:

Single / Double Showers

There are different size, design and types of them and sometime it is difficult to chose among them. Certain bath enclosures can have one or two seats in them. Their sizes differ to suit their specifications. Models with two seats are generally larger than those with one seat, however, there are showers, which are large and only have one seat. Corner / Wall Fixed models.

As the name says it all, these showers are designed to be placed at the corner of the rooms. In this way they do not take much space. These models are generally free standing and can be pushed into the corner. Steam showers, which are designed to stand against a flat wall, are often rectangular and are also free standing. They are manufactured to many different specifications as customers have different spacing requirements; therefore they are made for both corners and walls. Some manufacturers provide custom size and designs.


These models have a whirlpool or standard bath integrated into them. Instead, of having shower base, a whirlpool bath with hydro-massage jets is used. The user can have the choice of bathing in the tub, making the bathtub shower the ultimate bathroom centrepiece. The units supplied with whirlpool bath are generally larger than the normal ones with a shower base.

The types of showers – quality with acrylic finish

It is wise to check the quality and type of materials that have been used in the product. Cheap materials mixed in the acrylic can cause the colour to have too bright a white finish and catch fire more easily. In addition, this low quality, high brightness acrylic is likely to clash in your bathroom. To cut costs many factories use a composite material, combining ABS on the inside with acrylic PMMA sheets on the outside. The color can also be a matter to consider. Observe the color that can be a indication of the quality of the product. The cost

This higher quality acrylic, the higher the price and that will last longer and also fade less over time.

Fibreglass and Reinforcement Enclosures

As a note of precaution, you must be careful of cheap fibreglass that uses a high degree of resin. This discolors easily, devaluing and weakening the enclosure. The quality may also be of aluminium framing and some companies use recycled aluminium and perhaps a composite of other metals to create aluminium frames. This affects the aluminium's hardness and likelihood of being dented. Other factors to consider when is to check the thickness and edge protection of the safety glass. The price will depend on the product durability and testing, and the type of pipework that is required for the installation.