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Calories Facts About Sauna Weight Loss Benefits

Steam bath helps you get fit and achieve sauna weight loss due to the calorie burned during heat sessions. It has been proven that you can burn upto 400 calories (kcal) per 30mins session. This eventually help in a health and fitness program and prompt your body to lose accumulated fats.


Just for the sake of calculation so that you get an idea, if someone weighing about 80KG, decrease his/her daily calorie intake by 400kcal, he/she should be able to lose 5kg in about 2 month. In the case of sauna, if somebody who stick to his normal diet catering for his recommended calories total which should be about 1800-2000kcal/day for sedentary activities and loses 400kcal daily by using steam bath or through physical activities, he/she will eventually lose 5kg in 8 weeks times. This is an illustration so that you get an understanding of the approx loss. Anyway, daily sessions may not be practical for some people. However, it is reviewed that steam bath sessions daily is acceptable if it is limited to 20 mins per session.


Sauna for weight loss benefits depends on many factors like the gender, weight, age, height, BMI of the person, temperature of the cabin and also relies on factors like the type model that is being used; infrared, steam, outdoor, indoor, portable set etc. Many people prefer a combo with physical activities/workouts followed by a 20-30 minutes steam bath/heat session. Needless to say that this has some really great fitness potential.

Sauna Weight Loss benefits and facts

The following information may help you decide about the potential benefits and risks


1. How much time to spent in?

20-30 Minutes per session. Not recommended for more than 30 minutes per session. If you want to do it everyday, try to have a max of 20 minutes session everyday.


2. Safe for all?

  • It is not safe for children
  • People suffering from certain diseases may require their doctors approval before starting this weight management therapy.
  • It is also not good for people who have very sensitive skin as the heat can 'burn' the skin
  • And for those who are dehydrated? People suffering from dehydration should avoid it as it cause water loss and may aggravate the dehydration. Furthermore, rehydration (taken back lost fluids by drinking water) is very important after a session.

    3. Various types/variations of sauna

    • Indoor Unit
    • Outdoor Unit
    • Public room
    • Traditional Finnish
    • Water Steam
    • Infrared Heated
    • Portable
    • Wearable suits
    • Belts
    • Facial steam therapy

    4 How it can burn your calories?

    Calories are units of energy often expressed in terms of kilocalorie/kcal or kilojoules. Important facts about calories:

    • 1 kilocalorie = 4184 joules or 4.184 kj
    • 1 medium apple is equivalent to about 80kcal
    • We need about 2000 kcal per day to sustain our daily activities.
    • If you consume 2000 kcal foods per day and do physical activities which use only 1500 kcal, you will eventually gain weight.
    • Consuming foods equivalent to 2000 calories and spending 2300 kcal, will make you lose weight.


    Tips and Recommendations for Sauna Weight Loss:

    • Frequently check the temperature level. Recommended temperature range is 120F to 185F.
    • It is very important to stay hydrated. Drink water after each session and avoid using it if you feel dehydrated or having a hangover.
    • Not suitable for children, pregnant women and people under medical treatment.
    • Not suitable for people having heart diseases, hypertension/high blood pressure, skin disorders, asthma and other serious diseases.
    • Maintain good hygiene in the cabin
    • Do not exceed the recommended amount of time inside the cabin. A 20-25 minutes session is fine.