Gas Sauna Heater With Less Running Cost

The options are: wood burning Stoves, Gas Heaters and Electric Heating System.
Vico Ultra Propane Gas Sauna Heater
Gas Heating For Sauna

Gas Sauna Heater works in the same way as electric heaters but they are propane gas cylinders or LPG or natural gas to heat the heating unit which in its turn heat the stone and the room. Gas sauna heaters are not permitted in all countries and you need to check with your local authorities to know whether this type of heating mechanism is permitted. The heating capacity in a normal climatic condition is usually around 2500 BTU. For colder regions you may require a higher heating capacity

Important details to check before purchasing a gas sauna heater:
  • Heating Capacity in British Thermal Units (BTU)
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Type of gas used
  • The availability of refill cylinders in your area
  • Indoor or Outdoor use type
  • 2500 BTU is the normal range
  • Cost of refill gas cylinders or connection to central pipeline
  • Temperature controls and temperature reading

Benefits and advantages of using Gas sauna heaters:
  • More practical than wood burning stoves
  • Cheaper than electric ones
  • Less polluting than wood stoves/electric in terms of CO2 emissions
  • Responds more rapidly to temperature controls manipulations
  • Also suitable for remote location where electric supply is not available. Portable Gas cylinders may help

Drawbacks and disadvantages of Gas sauna heaters:
  • Risk of gas leakage
  • May be subject to regulatory check
  • Require a professional fitter to make the installation and servicing of the equipment
  • Not convenient for places where gas supply is not available

Gas sauna heaters

Typically, Gas sauna heaters using natural gas are more cost effective. They are usually connected to your local gas pipeline network. In other cases, the use of LPG cylinders is needed which can be costlier.

Safety standards must be followed during installation phase so as to comply to your local authorities requirements and also to meet your personal safety needs. Adequate ventilation and proper storage of cylinders are two of the most important safety standards. You need to check your suppliers to take note of the models and units which are available in your country. Polar Sauna Heaters is a worldwide popular brand in the market.

Wood burning stove

Wood burning stove is a more traditional system which provides authentic finnish sauna experience.

  • Naturally heat the rocks
  • Generate steam
  • Fire, Smoke and pollution hazards
  • Inconvenient for indoor cabins
  • Less flexible on temperature controls
  • No digital thermostat to control temperature
  • Not convenient for people living in flat or residential community


Another very good alternative to gas is an electric heating system. Electric heaters are more convenient and easier to maintain. It is appropriate for all weather type.