Polar Sauna Heater Brand

Polar Sauna Heater is a very popular brand. Its heating systems are good and enjoy a positive user review.
Polar Sauna Heater HMR Series
Polar Sauna Heaters

Polar Sauna Heater is a specialist supplier of residential and commercial heating systems as well as temperature controls. It is a renowned provider of both wood burning stoves and electric heating apparatus. One of the noted features of Polar Sauna Heater is its in-built steam generator and its enamel coated finish.

Polar Sauna Characteristics:
  • Various Heating capacity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Residential & Commercial Use
  • Wall Mountable
  • Stainless steel Low resistance heating elements
  • Finnish stones offered
  • Timer Preset
  • Built-in steam generator
  • Built-inTemperature Management

Gas sauna heaters

Gas Sauna Heaters is a good alternative to wood burning stoves if the availability of wood is low or climatic condition is poor for the supply of power and/or wood.