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  • Natural Weight Loss with Sauna

    Sauna therapy boosts your body and help it get back in good form. Overall body detox.

    Natural Weight Control and Management
  • Burn Calories without workouts and lose weight

    You can easily burn calories during a twenty-five minutes steam session without having to do intense physical exercises.

    Burn Calories without workouts
  • Feel light and healthy

    Therapy make you feel light and healthy. The heat will open up closed skin pores and discard dead cells/buildups from the body surface.

    The warm healthy feeling

Sauna Weight Loss

Sauna has always been linked to its fantastic health and wellness claims. Losing weight with heat/steam is one of the biggest factors why sauna is so much popular today. It helps in human body detox and calorie burning. Body toxin elimination, skin cleansing and rejuvenation, relaxation are few of the main benefits derived from Infrared and Steam saunas.

Weight Loss & Health Benefits

Sauna is widely used for Weight Control and for the maintenance of good health. The following important facts may help you in your weigh less initiatives as well as in chosing the right weight management programs that you should adopt.

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Sauna as a means to cure general health problems

It is one of the popular therapies that can help detoxify the body and provide the best relaxation to the body and mind. The sauna room, as it can be described is an enclosure with high temperatures that range between 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit. In the sauna room it is very hot and it is designed in such a way to give the best relaxation experience to people. People suffering from health problems, such as, muscular pains, blood pressure, poor skin complexion, and respiratory diseases, have found relief from all the pains through the this type of therapy. Many people prefer this therapy, as it is well famous for the benefits it can bring to your health. Therefore, sauna is good for health as it is also a good stimulator of blood circulation, which allows for better circulation and flow in the body. Moreover, those suffering from bronchitis and respiratory diseases have also benefitted from its regular use. Generally, most people use it as a method for cleansing the skin as it has the effects of radiating and rejuvenating the skin while relaxing.


Sauna for weight loss

It is highly recommended to those who want to lose weight as part of a dieting exercise. However, it is important that you know the state of health of the body before going for sauna. If you suffer from health problems, you must seek medical advice before going for this therapy. A person who is young is likely to quickly burn more calories than older people.

Over the past years, besides being a benefactor to the many health problems that people have, sauna has become well known for its weight loss therapeutic characteristics. This is because when the body is put in the heating room, the impact of the latter is likely to make the fats burn and melt through the pores in terms of loss of water. The number of calories burned in this process varies, and depends on the time spent there as well as the age and weight of the person. It is believed that on average, half an hour spent in the sauna can burn 300 to 500 calories. The high temperature makes the body increase it metabolism, which eventually leads to weight loss. Under the this therapy, the body is said to burn its calories in the same way as from physical exercising. The heat helps burn the calories.

Sauna works as well as a physical exercise session. In general any exercise of losing weight requires the person to sweat, perspire and lose the fats and water off the body. The same is likely to result during the sauna weight loss therapy. The intense and profuse sweating cause the removal of toxins stored in fat cells. This happens, as the person stays relaxing in the heat room for a certain amount of time, depending on the physical state of the person. The process of detoxification happens while sweating, which result in the elimination of undesirable toxins from the body getting rid of impurities, such as, potential carcinogenic heavy metals such as mercury and also, nicotine, sodium, sulfuric acid and cholesterol.
The detoxification process has beneficial effects on the skin, which leaves the skin clear, flexible and healthier. Much of the body losses through sweat is in the form of water, and therefore, one should take care to replace the lost fluid as quickly as possible, else, the body may have an excess dehydration. However, sauna is not the ultimate solution for becoming slim. This is because in this therapy, the losses are mostly water. It is more for relaxation and for the flexibility in your body and mind. Physical activities like cardio and aerobic is the best method to lose weight

Although this therapy is famous now for losing weight, it cannot be the only solution to your weight problems. It is more for relaxation and for the flexibility in your body and mind. Physical exercising is the best method to lose fats and gain muscles. Somebody who has an unstable health, must be careful and must check with the his/her medical practitioner before using the sauna. In instance where somebody has suffered a heart attack or is dehydrated already, the use of sauna can be dangerous.

The most preferred combination offered by health and fitness clubs and gyms is an one hour workout followed by a 30 minutes sauna. This combination may be very beneficial in sauna weight loss as the two activities become complementary and act jointly towards a common goal. Most gyms offer such facilities under the care of a trained supervisor.

Sauna Health and Weight Loss Benefits

To sum up, sauna therapy has the following benefits:
  • • The heat accelerates metabolism and breakdown of fatty tissues. In about 30 minutes session, one can burn up to 500 calories.
  • • It improves the blood circulation, helps in weight control, skin cleansing and rejuvenation of the whole body skin.
  • • A hot steam bath followed by a cold plunge along with massage can help in the elimination of carcinogenic toxins.
  • • Staying in the stone sauna for 15 minutes can eliminate impurities that would take the kidneys 24 hours to remove.